Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Festivities

Thanksgiving is always a time for everyone to say what they are grateful for and of course I have SO much to be grateful for in my life! This year we spent the holiday with my family at my parents house where my mom and aunt Nena baked a delicious meal!! With all the yummy dishes required to have the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner.

Of course after you have completely stuffed yourself you always have the option to sleep it off but my family chose a different approach to the after stuff sensation. A little Dance Central was such a blast! We took turns battling it out which seriously was so much fun and provided us not only with a great workout but some serious laughs.

(Don't kill me mom for posting these but I had to show off your moves!)

To end our Thanksgiving festivities me, mom, Brooke, Ellie, Sara, and Kenz ventured out to do some Black Friday Shopping. It was complete madness! With people running down isles, grabbing at toys, shoving carts in line I vow to NEVER Black Friday shop again!!

Thanksgiving was so great this year. I am grateful for my family who provide so many great times, my parents who are so supportive and always there for me, my AMAZING husband who I love more than anything in the world, and most of all I am learning to be thankful for me!


  1. It was fun spending thanksgiving with you guys! Love you!!

  2. I do all of my black friday shopping in my PJS! :) Some of the best specials are cyber deals! Just gotta sign up for the stores you want to stalk in advance so you can get a headsup on what time to place your order for the best deal! ♥

    Looks like you had a wonderful day! Hope your Christmas was similarly awesome! XOXO~A