Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saying Good-Bye to Summer

Well.... another one bites the dust! It seems like every year at the end of another summer, I am always asking myself, "Where did my summer go?!" Of course I can't believe how fast this summer flew by! We had sooooo many great adventures but we managed to squeeze in a few last good times before it all came to and end!!

John was able to go on the annual Vegas trip this year while lucky me stayed home with Chloe. 8 CRAZY boys headed down to Fremont street to let the good times begin. They all had lots and lots of fun laying by the pool and being crazy boys at night. John even managed to come home with more money than he left with! GO JOHN!!!!! While John was out having good times, I stayed home with Chloe and created our own adventures lol! We went to the park, went on lots of walks, learned to sit, and wathced lots of movies! We sure missed John while he was gone though.

For the very last weekend of summer we went camping with some best friends! We packed up the trucks and headed to Strawberry with Brady, Courtney, Taylor, and Toby. We all had a blast!! It was Chloe's first camping trip but she absolutely LOVED it! She would run back and forth all around, created messes everywhere, ran circles around Toby, and adored playing with cute Taylor. For dinner John whipped up some amazing burgers, as always. We also all found a new favorite camping dessert: cinnamon smores!!! I don't know what it is about them but seriously, DELICIOUS!! We always have so much fun with our friends and we love them to pieces!!! It was definitely the perfect way to end our summer!!!

It's always so sad once summer is over and reality of school sets in. I had my first week up at the U this week. School is SO different up there compared to SLCC. Parking is insane, people are walking EVERYWHERE, I run in to someone I know almost every 5 or 6 steps, and tuition is outrageous. I must admit though, my classes so far, are great! I am finally in to my major, Human Development and Family Studies. John will probably hear me complain about school almost every day but I hope he knows how grateful I am for him. He works so incredibly hard every day so that I am able to go to school. He provides so much for us and like always, he is AMAZING!!!! So all I can after the first week of school I am still positive... let's hope I can keep up that attitude!!!!