Thursday, June 23, 2011

Helloooo Summer!

This summer John and I decided we want to travel as much as possible. There is nothing as good as getting away from work, home, cleaning, etc. John is busy, busy, busy these days and works so hard! I am such a lucky girl, but only means the break for him is MUCH needed.

Earlier this year John purchased a four man tent from Costco that he was dying to try, meaning to kick off our summer travels, it was camping time! So far we have gone on two camping adventures,Yuba Lake and Jordanelle. Mind you growing up I was the last person that would ever set foot into the wilderness but now I find that camping is the perfect escape.

Our first trip was to Yuba Lake which turned out to be quite eventful when we were hit by a unplanned storm and seriously, I have never seen a rain/windstorm like this one. The wind was blowing so hard that to keep our tent from completely collapsing, I had to push against it with all the pressure I could manage. It was a pretty funny site but definitely gave the both of us a good laugh.

John was a sleepyhead, I tried several times to get him up!

Gotta have my PINK

Our YUMMY foil dinners

The Lake was gorgeous... cold, but so fun!

My friends adopted the nickname Wally for me, I thought this cabin was close enough......

John is so proud of his great tent find

No matter where you find yourself, I would definitely recommend camping for a fun, relaxing get away!! The summer has just begun and we plan to have many more adventures to come our way!!