Friday, July 29, 2011

One HUGE resort of PURE fun!

The Montego Bay Resort was where we would spend our early evenings! Not only was it the biggest resort of the three but there were SO many different things to explore. We had some really good times here! You could play basketball, pool, ping pong, chess, volleyball, take a long walk down the half mile beach, swim in the huge pool, and SO much more!!! I think I now have a new found love for pool, even though I am horrible!!! John and I would play against each other and of course I would loose every time! We finally got a chance to win though when we challenged our new friends, Amanda and Jeremy, to a few games... Not to mention we won by them scratching the 8 ball..... One night they even had a dancer who actually danced on sharp nails, held a gigantic snake, and spun fire balls around. It was pretty extreme, never a dull moment at the Montego Bay!!

Another thing I LOVED, was the AMAZING different restaurants! They had 7 absolutely delicious ones to choose from. We tried a few out and came up with some yummy favorites. Our first night there we went to the Oleander Room, which was a fine dining choice. We had the BEST lobster we've ever tasted in our lives that we came back a second time during the week! Another great place we ate at was Tokyo Joe's, which is your classic hibachi grill eatery. We got to pick out our vegetables and meat and watch as the cook worked his magic on the grill! Very good, but a little too much food!! My favorite place to eat there was the Criketers!! Again, best fish and chips ever!!!! Our last night in Jamaica, we went to a fancy Italian place, Cucina Romana. It wasn't a favorite of mine but John said he had the best steak ever...yuck!

Overall, Montego Bay was a gigantic resort of fun. After we would eat dinner we felt a bit crowded by all the people, meaning, we would venture back to our place. Despite the crowded part though, it was still heaven!!! Oh how I wish I was back there right now. Leaving was extremely hard and sad. Leaving paradise, beaches, the warm sun, being treated like royalty and back to reality.... not a happy thought!!! Although the trip was amazing, I am happy to be home! We had such an amazing experience. I had so much fun being with John and I felt like we really got to bond together as husband and wife. Thank you John for the best vacation of my life, I LOVE YOU!!!

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  1. So glad you guys had such a great time but so happy you are home.... Tonight was fun! And I am sure you guys will take many more amazing trips together, with us too lol love ya girl!